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Why Choose Us

25 Years in Technology Recruiting,
Talent Acquisition, & Executive Search

We provide your company with with strategic staffing augmentation
in Sales, Business Development, Technical Sales, Product Management, Marketing, and Engineering. Our goal is
to be a strategic partner in your critical staffing.

We have conducted successful searches
in the following regions:

  • Silicon Valley

  • North America

  • China

  • India

Why Choose Us

Why choose Harwood Allen Associates? It's simple. I help businesses like yours

who wish they could work with one just one Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

who can deliver the quality talent you need to design, develop, market and sell

your product. One who will deliver quantifiable results to your company's success.

Clients come to me when they are looking to grow

and / or fix the talent aspects within their functional expertise:

  • They want the experience a Sr. Individual, technical staffing partner,
    who help you build your team into a best-of-breed, organization.
    If you are looking to build a team of strong and inventive talent,
    you have landed on the right company.

  • They're sick of having to work with multiple agencies delivering
    different and sometimes inaccurate messaging to the talent pool.

  • They wish they could be working with One Senior Recruiter they
    can trust and who will get the job done 100% of the time without
    the hassle and time wasted working with multiples agencies.

  • They want to have professional follow-up and consistent communication
    to the talent pool while maintaining their quality reputation to the marketplace.

  • They want to work with one professional source that isn't just sending multiple resumes to impress you. You want real, solid, and quantifiable talent that fits
    your corporate culture (start-up or otherwise) because at the end of the day,
    some organizations are small and they need people who fit in!

Any of these sounding familiar?

I can fix these things once we have an exploratory call detailing the needs

of your organization, you can relax knowing, this is one less task you need
o worry about.

For each role, I will build a solid reputation with the top talent for your needs
and narrow the pool for you. Candidates who have the right motivation, fit your

comp plan, are driven by growth, with the capacity to work as a cohesive unite,
to design, develop, market and sell your product and drive business success.

For the past two decades, I have been delivering qualified
to start-up and mid-sized vendors, just like yours!

Please feel free to contact me directly or if you prefer, let me know the best time
and number to call you and I will. To set up a discussion for critical staffing needs, please email me at


Client Testimonials

I have known Mark for the past 15 years as a candidate and a hiring manager.

He is undoubtedly one of the top senior executive recruiters in the high-tech industry with particular expertise in identifying, pursuing, qualifying and recruiting hard-to-find

senior level sales and marketing executives.


He was "instrumental" in helping my organization at Hitachi and Optimiti to build a

top-notch sales team. Mark is honest, personable, detailed and passionate about his work. Mark is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continue working with him

in the future. - Ali Taslimi

Ex-Bell Labs | Technology and Business Leader

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